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Account and user management, appearance and accessibility, banking relations, etc.


Note on user access 5

Add a user 5

Creating a user profile (access rights) 5

Deleting a user profile 5

Changing password 5

Resetting password (forgotten password) 5

Banking Relations

Adding a banking relationship 5

Adding and setting up a bank account 5

EBICS bank request 5

Other settings

Adding general company parameters 5

Creating and assigning a function (contact) 5

Defining titles of courtesy (politeness) 5

Creating a predefined discount/surcharge 5

General features

Import, export, directories and other basic actions or concepts

About directories 5

Export to CSV or Excel 5

Import or update data via an Excel file (products, employees, etc.) 5

Gérer les contacts à double (doublons) 5


Versicherungen, Fahrzeuge, CCT etc.

About providers 5

Eine Rechnung an einen Dienstleister (Versicherung etc.) senden 5


Management of customer files, creation and management of offers and invoices, etc.


Creating a customer category level 5

Renaming a customer category level 5

Create a customer category 5

Create a client 5

Linking a contact to a customer record 5

Adding an additional address in a customer record 5


Creating a new donation 5

Quotes, orders, etc.

Creating a quote 5

Creating a customer order form 5

Creating a delivery note 5

Returned goods – customer order form 5

Order cancellation – customer order form 5

Linking a person to a tender (manager, works manager, etc.) 5

About the work report 5


About product lines in invoice creation 5

Create an invoice 5

Create a subscription (recurring invoice) 5

Bodywork specific | Add insurance address to an invoice (third party payer) 5

Creating and collecting a partial invoice 5

Creating and collecting a deposit 5

Setting up a reminder (unpaid invoice) 5


Collecting an invoice 5

Encaissement de facture : option « écriture comptable manuelle » 5

Customer credits

Generate and collect a partial invoice or a deposit 5

Create a credit note (debtor or creditor) 5

Repayment of credit note to third parties 5


Supplier and product management


Creating and configuring a product 5

Creating a product category level 5

Renaming a product category level 5

Create a product category 5

Adding additional prices to a product 5

Add a unit of measurement for products 5

Catalogue: adding or archiving a product 5


Creating a supplier category level 5

Renaming a supplier category level 5

Create a supplier category 5

Create a supplier 5

Setting up a supplier file 5

Making a supplier payment 5


Creating a supplier purchase order 5

Creating a supplier quote (invitation to tender) 5

Supplier credits

Create a credit note (debtor or creditor) 5

Repayment of credit note to third parties 5


Management of employees, wages, holidays, etc.


Social insurance contributions 5

Working time and holidays

About public holidays 5

About TimeSheet 5

Wages and employees

Creating an employee 5

Setting up an employee record 5

Creating a salary base 5

Setting up withholding tax for an employee 5

Adjusting a salary (surplus) 5


Accounting, banking, etc.

Accounting periods

About the journal entries 5

Creating or modifying an account group 5

Deleting a group of accounts 5

Creating an account in the chart of accounts 5

Closing an accounting period 5

Entering opening balances 5

Transfer cash balance to private direct debit account 5

Extracting the general ledger from the accounts 5

Entering budgets 5

Printing a chart of accounts 5

About cost accounting 5

Payments, amortization

Make a payment for goods (recorded in inventory) 5

Accounting for payments, fees and discounts 5

Create an amortization 5

Create a group payment 5

Accessing the creditor or debtor settlement at an earlier date 5

Banking Relations

Setting up an EBICS connection 5


Lead management, task tracking, time stamping with the timesheet, etc.


About TimeSheet 5


Creating a prospect 5

Text templates and layouts

Reminders, signatures, e-mail for quotes, invoices, etc.

Creating a text template (reminder, politeness, etc.) 5

Cash register

Product management, ticket accounting, etc.

Overall view of the cash register 5

Setting up the cash register 5

Operation of the fund 5

Opening and closing of cash registers 5

Daily settlement 5

Webservices and devices

Integration of the software with third-party applications, machines, etc.

WordPress – Woocommerce

Connection between the software and Woocommerce – the basics 5


Setting up an EBICS connection 5


Giving access to your MediData console to a technician 5

Importing invoices and sending them via MediData 5


Processing an invoice with PayEye 5


Setting up a TimeMoto time clock 5

Guide terminology

Please note that, depending on your configuration, the terms presented in the guides on the site will not necessarily correspond to the terms used in your software.

For example, to create a patient or member, you will need to refer to the “Creating a Client” guide. Although the terms vary, the approaches remain the same.

In addition, different actions may refer to the same procedure. In these cases, there is only one guide to explain the procedure. For example, whether you want to create a supplier or a customer, the creation procedure is the same. This is why the link “Create a supplier” refers you to the “Create a customer” guide.

When reading, you will have to readjust the terms to suit your own system.

A note on this knowledge base

As the manual is still under development, you may not find the answer to your question. If you would like a guide to a certain procedure to be put online, use the contact page to make your request. Your suggestions will help us to expand this knowledge base to offer you the best possible support.

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